Why the humble bar of soap is having a revival

As the global personal care market has boomed, we’ve been inundated with endless takes on antibacterial hand soaps, purifying face washes or invigorating shower gels. The humble bar of soap has been momentarily forgotten, brushed aside for its lesser credentials. However, with sales of bars now back on the rise, we’re hopeful that we’re wising up to the hollow claims of the former and the impact these products are having on our world, from the chemicals used in the making to the plastic waste left behind. 

A return to simpler methods reminded us of what we needed from our care products in the first place. Here’s why we think the bar of soap should no longer be overlooked. 


1 - A BAR OF SOAP LASTS LONGER. The ease with which we can squeeze a bottle of shower gel or pump on a soap dispenser means we often use far more product than we need. As bars of soap are concentrated and require working into a lather, we’ll likely only use as much as we need. Shampoo bars, for instance, last for up to 60 washes - the equivalent to two standard liquid bottles. 


2 - IT’S BETTER FOR YOUR SKIN. We take a minimalist approach to our products, so while mass produced soap often contains irritants such as surfactants and preservatives, YOKU’s raw ingredients are 100% natural, vegan, chemical- and cruelty-free. There are no palm oils, phthalates, sulfates, silicone, parabens or animal byproducts - meaning our soaps don’t impact the natural cycles of your skin.

Our soaps are made using an artisanal method called cold-pressing, which helps retain more glycerin. This improves moisturising qualities and moderates pH - meaning it’s calming for sensitive skin, while still entirely natural. 

YOKU plastic-free soap


3 - IT LEAVES ZERO-WASTE. The plastic bottles of our bathroom products take hundreds of years to break down, never fully degrading and creeping into our earth, water and food systems. They often can’t be recycled because they’re a pain to clean. YOKU’s solid soap is entirely natural and packaged in a reusable, and biodegradable, hemp bag. 


4 - IT’S JUST AS HYGIENIC. One of the main reasons liquid soap became the preferred choice in the 90s was because it was considered more hygienic. There’s a common misconception that bars of soap harbour germs, but for some reason we don’t apply that same concept to the buttons or lids of soap dispensers. There’s actually very little risk of cross contamination from a bar of soap, with scientific research to back it. 


5 - IT USES LESS WATER. The fluidity of hand soaps and shower gels is largely due to the amount of water they contain - they are, in effect, diluted soap. YOKU’s soap bars have a 6+ week curing period, allowing time for excess water to evaporate. This hardens the bar, concentrates the soap, and makes for a much richer product.